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We at Bishnoi Consultancy understand that cyber security has become a pivotal issue for the users. We are thus are completely committed to ensure that your online profile is safe with us. For providing you a personalized experience, we collect your details which might include technical or some other information. The users are also required to register on the platform for enjoying the services of the Bishnoi Consultancy which might include personal information. We collect your personalized information for letting you decide according to your preferences for being able to cater all your needs.

“Personal Information” refers to any information that can be used for identifying an individual including the first and the last name, email address and contact information. You may also be asked to fill up a registration form but rest assured that your personal details would not be shared. If you do not wish to reveal your name or anything else while browsing, you are free to do so.

We at Bishnoi Consultancy respect your privacy and we understand that you need an appropriate protection and management of all the personal information that you share. We collect information from you in order to give you a personalized experience which might include some of your personal details. By knowing your preferences, we would be able to deliver or allowing you to access the relevant information that suits your requirement.

Our Online Privacy Policy

You give consent to our online private policies by using our website and processing of Personal Information for the purpose given above. We are strictly against selling any personal information collected online from you without your consent.

Third parties also provide services to Bishnoi Consultancy and we may provide personal information collected on the web to your third-party service providers for delivering programs, information, products and services. Services providers are an important cog for us as it maintains our mailing list and our site. We ensure to take reasonable steps for protecting your information so that third-party service providers get obligated for protecting your details.

We also take appropriate security measures for protecting you against unauthorized access to or unauthorized disclosure, alteration or destruction of data. Moreover, we also restrict access to your personally identifying information to employees who need your personal information for operating and improving our service.

Terms of Confidentiality

We restrict the access of your information to the employees who we believe need to access your information and contact you for providing products or services in order to do their jobs.